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All Type of Oven and Cooker Repairs.

We repair all domestic and commercial cooker & ovens. We are Range cooker specialists

Your cooker or oven is one of the most important electrical appliances in the kitchen, and ensuring that it operates to the highest efficiency will not only improve your cooking times, but will also reduce expensive running costs of an inefficient oven.

We have the experience to offer cooker repair services for cookers, ovens, hobs and hoods from all popular manufacturers. Repair and servicing of the latest cookers can soon become a very costly affair with oven repair companies in London, particularly when it comes to leading manufacturers such as Range Cookers or integrated solutions.

We are different! As we have built strong relationships with many of the leading manufacturers, AA Service UK are able to bring you fiercely competitive repair rates, without sacrificing quality, ensuring we only use genuine manufacturer parts.

We can use our expertise to return cookers to their original working condition with the minimum of disruption to your day. We have achieved an excellent success rate of repairing 90% of our ovens on the very first visit, including Range cookers

All our repairs are guaranteed and all parts are guaranteed for 6 months.

To book one of our highly trained technicians, please give us a call on 0208 503 8216 or alternatively book your appointment here

Common Cooker Problems

Cookers can suffer from a range of common problems which can affect performance or stop it working all together.

1. No Power – Check the power supply for failure and ensure that the timer has not been accidentally set to automatic.

2. No Heat – No heat can be cause by faulty element, burnt wire, thermostat or switch.

3. Over Heating – Over heating can be caused by faults to the selector switch, thermostat, burnt wire or an overload.

4. Oven Goes only to High Heat - Defective thermostat or defective oven relay.

5. Oven Door Stuck Closed - Defective ERC. This would affect ovens that have automatic door latching in self clean (no lever),. Check for error code in display. If error code given, check against manufacturer's code explanations in owner's manual. Misaligned self clean latch.

Whatever difficulty you may be having AA Service is here to help.